Teachers strike at langley park

Teachers strike a바카라사이트t langley park


Dozens of junior teachers from Langley in Victoria have walked off the job in protest at the Labor Government’s proposed cuts to school funding.

On Friday, Victoria State University and some of its colleges voted to strike in protest over the proposed reduction in school funding.

They have said the Government’s reforms to school funding would not go far enough.

The junior teachers will not stand for election. But many hope to put pressure on the Government and its oppositionjarvees.com party to make changes.더킹카지노

But the Government says the budget cut to school funding in June will bring in $9.5 billion over three years, including $1.2 billion over the next five years.

It is also introducing the new $7.5 billion annual extra schools levy, which is designed to help fund public schools but which will reduce funding for private schools.

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Teen hit by speedboat awarded 650000 damages and a suspended life sentence

Teen hit by speedboat awarded 650000 damages and a suspended life sentence

A drunken teenager hit by a speedboat in Queensland has been awarded 65,000 compensation.

The 31-year-old was thrown from the speeding boat while trying to jump from the boat into the sea, when it hit his boat.

The 16-year-old boy was injured in the accident while crossing the sea and a court has heard the driver of the boat was also injured.

It is believed he suffered injuries to his back and face an더킹카지노d needs a long-term care facility.

A judge will decide the conditions of their release over the next two months.

The speedboat was sailing west along the coast when it struck the man.

Crown prosecutor Mark Brown said the dockworker thought he could get out as the boat was “blazing out of control”.

He said the speedboat was driving slowly from the side with its passenger and then it hit the speedboat.

“You just can’t believe what happened,” Mr Brown said.

“It just went all around him.

“The speedboat was going quite fast. He actually thought he had the 바카라right of way.”

The jury began hearing evidence on Wednesday about how the motorist had tried to run back to a lifeboat just as the boat began to hit the man.

Mr Brown said the motorist ran around 10-12 kilometres before he jumped onto the boat.

“He was extremely confused,” Mr Brown said.

“I suppose that was what inspired him in the end to get the motorist out of the boat.”

He said while it was an emotional day for his victim, he accepted that it would have been better if the motorist had been given a chance to get outjarvees.com.

“He (the motorist) must have taken about an hour to get out of the boat,” Mr Brown said.

“He didn’t go to the lifeboat immediately and he could have, but at that time he was probably not feeling very well.

“You’d want that person to get medical attention.

“As long as you treat your accident with care, it shouldn’t be that dangerous.”

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Inpex signs deal to pay darwin aboriginal group millions MORE to stop building new mine

Inpex signs deal to pay darwin aboriginal group millions MORE to stop building new mine


Environmental groups are planning to sue the Australian Government to stop the Abbott Government from building the most polluting coal mine on public land in the Northern Territory.

Key points: Australian Greens have called for independent review

Green groups want to halt any future coal mine in Australia

Apex says its environmental report concluded a project would meet its “existing compliance obligations”

An Ipsos-Reid poll earlier this month showed more than 60 per cent of NT voters supported a proposal to abandon the mine.

The Australian Greens have called for a review of its environmental report for the mining company to “determine if a plan to remove a mine is within the legal scope of the proposed legislation”.

The Australian Environmental Law Foundation (AELF) said it supported the idea of appealing.

“While the Gre더킹카지노ens would never seek to overturn an independent analysis of its potential impact, we think that the Coalition Government should be allowed to carry out a complete environmental impact statement to ensure that there is an overall strategy for this mine that doesn’t affect the environment at all,” AELF CEO Dr Ross Jervis said.

Apex Coal, of the former Caley Coal site, says its environmental report natyasastra.comconcluded a project would meet its “existing compliance obligations” and avoid any impact on the environment.

“It is the view of Australia’s Government that a project that has been established as consistent and effective over the past 17 years is consistent with existing environmental requirements and an appropriate environmental risk assessment could be delivered,” a spokesperson said in a natyasastra.comstatement.

However, environmental groups say their request for a judicial review would make it harder for the government to proceed with the plan.

“The current argument that the coal mine must be destroyed is simply the latest effort by the Australian Government to obstruct the development of a future coal mine,” AELF chairwoman, Rachel Siewert said.

AEP says AGLP’s proposed gas-fired power plant in Queensland was “almost certainly” the most polluting in Australia at 12.5 per cent of total power generation, but the mining company said the results for coal had been wrong.

The federal Government says the emissions released from mining and burning coal, coal seam gas, and the burning of gas will all fall in the years after 2030 as part of its 2020-2023 emissions plan.

It says Australia has a clean energy target of 30 per cent by 2050.