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【女生宿舍】作为澳洲最早的援交中介伴游公司,创立于澳洲华人留学生最鼎盛时期,一直屹立于行业之巅峰,成为行业最高标准。集援交伴游于一身,为广大旅澳和本地玩家提供伴君服务。澳洲伴游全境,公司驻地在悉尼和墨尔本。悉尼中介一众以本公司为首服务于不同场合。墨尔本中介分部经常有惊艳的表现,已经成为当地的龙头。escort, incall, outcall, 澳洲援交、澳洲出钟、澳洲伴游、悉尼伴游、悉尼援交、悉尼出钟, 墨尔本伴游、墨尔本援交、墨尔本出钟

Welcome to MyGirlsDorm

Welcome to MyGirlsDorm.com. We are a professional adult on-call escort agency based in Greater Sydney area. Our on-call ladies arrange from students, clubbing girls, office ladies to professional escort ladies. We dedicated ourselves to build the top class escort agency with the top service quality and best price in Greater Sydney Area, and to offer the dream date experience to local and international clients. Faith is the objective we pursue. We guarantee that:

*Our operation mode is of the utmost professionalism!

*All the ladies sent to you are 100% genuine of the photos presented online

*All our ladies are passionate and highly devoted to their work!

*We offer the best price for our services!

Here we are. Dream date is at your finger tips now. Take an easy clicking on “Photos”, and then call us to meet your dream ladies!  

Customer Notice

*We do NOT take the bookings with private call ID or text msg.

*Please respect every one of our ladies. No verbal or physical insult!

*The service prices provided by our agency cover the normal services only. For any special service, please kindly negotiate it with our ladies in private. We will take NO responsibility for this.

*Since some ladies have restricted working time, please contact us in advance to make an appointment, so that we can have plenty of time to arrange tie lady meet you ad scheduled.